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Reviews and Comments about SqueezeCommander:

Review by Clinton Stark from StarkSilverCreek (US):

Now, I can control the entire system from the palm of my hand using trusty Droid. And the software is extremely well executed, supporting swiping of screens, pop up menus, large format album art (for me, essential). It’s fast, allowing me to scroll through hundreds of artists on the server upstairs with the flick of a finger.

It’s the ultimate remote control.

Review by Digiplace (Netherlands):

Met behulp van deze applicatie gebruik je de Android telefoon (in mijn geval een HTC Magic met de standaard Vodafone 1.6 firmware) als grafische remote voor het bedienen van de server. En dat werkt zonder enig voorbehoud fantastisch goed!
Kortom: Warm aanbevolen voor iedereen met een Android telefoon én een Logitech Squeezebox.

Some comments from Android Market:

“In my opionin the best app for Squeezeboxes on Android. You have a kind of SB Touch.” – Percy

“Ein muss für alle squeezebox-besitzer. Unterstützt mysqueezebox.vom. Ist jeden Cent wert.” – Andreas

“Brilliant app, worth every penny, quicker then the remote” – Nick

“Appli la plus complète pour le contrôle des squeezebox. Ne manque plus que la lecture en streaming sur le téléphone.” – Raphaël

“I really cannot praise this enough. Very slick and intuitive UI. Access to your SB apps. Stable. Got a Squeezebox? Buy this now.” – Anton

“This is better than I expected, simple to connect and straight into my Napster account on my Nexus 1. This is a must for SB owners.” – Martin

“Wow. I’m particularly impressed by the responsiveness which means it’s useable in practice. Worth every penny.” – Mark Wheadon

“Wow. Wow. I’ve tried some of the other apparently for Squeezebox but this is by far the most complete of them. Thanks for the app.” – Kjartan Abel

“Wow it works so well. No config hell, it just function right off the bat” – Mots

“Sehr gute app. Erfüllt ihren zweck und ist jeden rappen wert. Besonders praktisch: man kann die musik direkt auch auf’s phone kopieren” – datacore

“Love the pause of my home stereo when i get an incoming call on my cell. People are amazed.” – Johnny

“Highly impressed. Worth every penny. Didn’t have a remote for my Squeezebox, this is even better.” – grupstra

“I tried every free squeeze box app in the market (ok so I’m cheap) but I could get none to work. With this ap in 5 minutes my house was rockin!” – Joseph

“Tried free apps first and none of them worked for me, this app worked straight away, has great features and gets regular updates.”- Justin

“Met afstand de beste controller voor mijn squeezebox classic. The best controller there is.” – Digiplace

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156 Responses to “Reviews & Comments”

  1. flattermann says:

    Hi Mark,

    I’ve already answered your last comment:

    One possible solution may be to open the SBS port (9000) to the internet. (Don’t forget the password protection!)
    In this case, you could add the server as “Additional Server” within SqueezeCommander.
    Your phone would be able to connect to your server while it is still connected to 3G (the startup time is much faster than on WLAN).

    PS: I’m searching for a X10 beta tester anyway, so please drop me a line if you are interested in testing the upcoming version.

    android ATT flattermann DOTT net


  2. Kristian says:

    Hi Christian,

    I hope that you’re not planning to discontinue the Squeeze Commander now that Logitech has made an Android controller themselves. Squeeze Commander is a much much better application in terms of speed, reliability and usability and it would be a shame if it was discontinued.

    There are a few things that I’d like to request, things available in Logitechs version that I’m sure you can implement better in the Squeeze Commander.

    1. When browsing artists/folders/songs or what have you, an alphabet on the right hand of the screen, that scrolled directly to the artists/songs/folders beginning with the letter pushed, would make browsing much easier for us with larger music libraries.

    2. The ability to save playlists. Once I’ve created a nice list of songs it always annoys me that I can’t save it for later.

    3. When browsing, the ability to have the Squeeze Commander remember where I was the last time I was browsing would also be very useful.

    If you need a beta tester I’d be happy to help out (I’m using a Galaxy Tab and an HTC Legend to control mu squeeze server).



  3. flattermann says:


    Right now, I’m not planning to discontinue SqueezeCommander, because I still think that I can create a better App than Logitech. :-)

    BTW: All of your enhancement requests will be included in the next version (0.9.6).

    If you want to test the Beta, please drop me a line at
    android ATT flattermann DOTT net


  4. Jonathan says:

    Love the update, but automatic phone volume control stopped working! I have a T-Mobile G2 on 2.2… HELP! That is a disaster for me – loved the feature before

  5. Kbn says:

    Love the new version! “Superior craftsmanship”. More options, more intuitive, and better looking. Cheers!

  6. flattermann says:


    I’m not aware of any problems with the auto volume control, but I’ll check this out.
    I’ve created a ticket for that:


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