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Reviews and Comments about SqueezeCommander:

Review by Clinton Stark from StarkSilverCreek (US):

Now, I can control the entire system from the palm of my hand using trusty Droid. And the software is extremely well executed, supporting swiping of screens, pop up menus, large format album art (for me, essential). It’s fast, allowing me to scroll through hundreds of artists on the server upstairs with the flick of a finger.

It’s the ultimate remote control.

Review by Digiplace (Netherlands):

Met behulp van deze applicatie gebruik je de Android telefoon (in mijn geval een HTC Magic met de standaard Vodafone 1.6 firmware) als grafische remote voor het bedienen van de server. En dat werkt zonder enig voorbehoud fantastisch goed!
Kortom: Warm aanbevolen voor iedereen met een Android telefoon én een Logitech Squeezebox.

Some comments from Android Market:

“In my opionin the best app for Squeezeboxes on Android. You have a kind of SB Touch.” – Percy

“Ein muss für alle squeezebox-besitzer. Unterstützt mysqueezebox.vom. Ist jeden Cent wert.” – Andreas

“Brilliant app, worth every penny, quicker then the remote” – Nick

“Appli la plus complète pour le contrôle des squeezebox. Ne manque plus que la lecture en streaming sur le téléphone.” – Raphaël

“I really cannot praise this enough. Very slick and intuitive UI. Access to your SB apps. Stable. Got a Squeezebox? Buy this now.” – Anton

“This is better than I expected, simple to connect and straight into my Napster account on my Nexus 1. This is a must for SB owners.” – Martin

“Wow. I’m particularly impressed by the responsiveness which means it’s useable in practice. Worth every penny.” – Mark Wheadon

“Wow. Wow. I’ve tried some of the other apparently for Squeezebox but this is by far the most complete of them. Thanks for the app.” – Kjartan Abel

“Wow it works so well. No config hell, it just function right off the bat” – Mots

“Sehr gute app. Erfüllt ihren zweck und ist jeden rappen wert. Besonders praktisch: man kann die musik direkt auch auf’s phone kopieren” – datacore

“Love the pause of my home stereo when i get an incoming call on my cell. People are amazed.” – Johnny

“Highly impressed. Worth every penny. Didn’t have a remote for my Squeezebox, this is even better.” – grupstra

“I tried every free squeeze box app in the market (ok so I’m cheap) but I could get none to work. With this ap in 5 minutes my house was rockin!” – Joseph

“Tried free apps first and none of them worked for me, this app worked straight away, has great features and gets regular updates.”- Justin

“Met afstand de beste controller voor mijn squeezebox classic. The best controller there is.” – Digiplace

See all comments on Android Market.

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156 Responses to “Reviews & Comments”

  1. flattermann says:


    The Shuffle and Repeat buttons are accessible on the NowPlaying page by tapping on the song name, see


  2. Henrik B. says:

    Hi Christian.

    I’ve just bought the Squeezecommander, on Android Market, for my SE Xperia X10 Mini Pro. I’m looking forward to using it, for my SQ Duet. But I cannot find the program on my phone – what to do?


  3. Hans says:

    Great app. I have a BIG wish for future versions. That should be a possibility to go back to the map where the last song was located. Now you have to go through all maps again every time when you go into the library. Possible?

  4. flattermann says:


    Is is shown as “Installed” in Android Market?
    If yes, please try to uninstall and reinstall SqueezeCommander.
    Sometimes, the Android Market seems to have some problems with the download servers…


  5. flattermann says:


    Yeah, that will work in the next major version (0.9.6). :-)


  6. Des says:

    Hans, I like the option to download music direct to the phone, but here’s the rub. I have *two* parallel music collections on my server; a collection in FLAC for the hi-fi and a second ‘clone’ collection in MP3 for phones, MP3 players etc. I always RIP twice to keep both collections in-sync. Squeezecenter is, of course, pointed at the FLAC collection. Is there any way for your app to download the MP3 equivalents instead of the hefty FLAC files?

  7. flattermann says:


    SqueezeCommander can only access the library that’s also used by your SBS, so it’s not possible to access the MP3 files. :-(

    In the future (SqueezeCommander 0.9.6+ with SBS 7.6+), you can at least transcode the music on the fly, i.e. you can download the FLACs from your SBS and they will be stored as MP3s on your phone.


  8. Des says:

    Ok, thought it was a long shot. When the transcode is possible, I’ll definitely grab the App :-)

  9. Hans says:

    Hi Christian.
    Thx for adding the future!! When will 0.9.6 be available?

  10. flattermann says:


    When it’s ready. :-)
    I’m working on it right now, but 0.9.6 will have many, many changes, so I still need to fix some bugs and do some testing before I can release it.


  11. Adam says:

    Fantastic App.
    Will 0.9.6 have the option to add to Favorite?

  12. Tormod says:

    60% reason for me to have SB Touch is for the SB app called Wimp (alternative to Spotify). Does Squeeze Commander support that?

  13. flattermann says:


    yes, 0.9.6 will include support to “Add new Favorites”.


  14. flattermann says:


    I have several Beta testers using Wimp and according to them, SqueezeCommander works fine with Wimp.
    (Unfortunately, I cannot test it here, because Wimp is not available in Germany.)


  15. Adam says:

    Great news, can’t wait for new release. Keep up the fantastic work Christian.
    Just bought you a drink, cheers, Adam.

  16. flattermann says:


    thanks a lot!
    Prost! :-)


  17. Jyri says:


    Sorry if I ask the obvious, just wanted to be sure before buying the hardware.

    I’m looking for a multiroom audio setup with reasonable cost (read: not Sonos). I don’t want to have my computer on all the time. And I don’t want to buy the Duet as I can get a multipurpose android device for the same money. The music sources would be local MP3s, webradios and possibly Spotify.

    I’m planning to do this with the following components:
    -NAS (e.g. Synology DS111)
    -Some Android device with wifi (e.g. Archos 43, any suggestions here?)
    -one Squeezebox Receiver for each room (+ the amplifiers etc…)

    And then I’d use the SqueezeConfig to configure the system and Squeezecommader to use it.

    Any reason why this would not work?

    And it would be greatly appreciated if somebody has better idea how to meet my specs.

    Thanks and regards,

  18. Hans says:

    Hi, i bought an android pad. Can i install squeezecomander without paying again?


  19. Hans says:


    How can i install squeezecomander on my pad without paying again? or is it ‘pay per device’ ?



  20. flattermann says:


    Yes, that should work!

    The Android device depends on your budget. :-)
    E.g. a Samsung Galaxy Tab is a really, really great device, but it’s not exactly cheap. :-)

    If you want something less expensive, I’d recommend you trying the device before buying it, because unfortunately, there are many crap devices with Android out there… :-(

    I don’t know the Archos 43, but I have the Archos 28 and the Archos 101 and they are not sooo great…


  21. flattermann says:


    You can install all paid Apps on several devices for free.
    You just need to have access to the Android Market on the device and use the same Market account on all of them.

    If installing the Android Market is not possible, you may use SlideME on your devices:

    Unfortunately, you cannot transfer your license from the Android Market to SlideME and vice versa. :-/


  22. TheScrutinizer says:


    I got my HTC Desire yesterday and have already downloaded Squeezebox Commander to control my Squeezeboxes – and I love it! It’s a great app!

    The only thing I so far miss is the possibility to select Random Mix. Will you add that choice in a future version?

    Thanks for creating a great piece of sw!


  23. Ole says:

    I’m very happy with this app. Sooo much better than the SB controller :-)

    Is it possible to make SqueezeCommander wake my NAS-server via WOL???

    Best regards,

  24. flattermann says:


    Random Mix will work in the next major version, SqueezeCommander 0.9.6.


  25. flattermann says:


    On the NowPlaying screen, swipe left-to-right to get to the PlayerServerScreen.
    Press-Hold on a Server name and select “Configure WOL”.
    On the following dialog, you can set the WOL MAC address for your server.


  26. Jyri says:

    Thanks Christian!

    So if I want a cheap and good tablet I need to buy two =)

    One other option came to my mind… What if I used DLNA devices (like WD TV live) insteadt of Squeezebox receivers, what would I loose? I know I can’t use Squeezecommander then but what are the other downsides of going with DLNA and trying to build a multiroom system?


  27. flattermann says:


    Well, unfortunately, DLNA/uPNP is a pretty crap standard right now.
    The whole concept is a bit broken, many nice things that work with SqueezeBoxes do not work with DLNA devices (ContextMenus, Gapless playback…).

    In theory, DLNA is great. But in reality, it’s a big mess. :-/


  28. olivvv says:

    a question about squeezecommander.

    At home, i use a squeezebox boom, but i haven’t already installed SqueezeBoxServer.

    is squeezecommander compatible? (webradio, podcast control ..)
    Or i have to install SqueezeBoxServer first?


  29. Thomas says:

    I can’t download the the squeezecommander documentation from your web-side Have you moved it?


  30. Ole says:

    I love SqueezeCommander BUT:

    I can’t get WOL to work! I use it with my HP NAS server (Windows Home Server). How do I wake it with SqueezeCommander??


  31. flattermann says:


    If you do not use a local SBS, your Boom will be connected to
    And yes, you can use SqueezeCommander in a only environment.


  32. flattermann says:


    I had some problems with my internet connection and hence the Tracker and the Documentation were not available:!/flattermann09/status/37119737355833345

    It should be fixed now.


  33. flattermann says:


    Have you configured WOL in SqueezeCommander (long press on the Server name)?
    Does the server name show (WOL) as suffix? E.g. “My Server (WOL)”.


  34. Ole says:

    I tried to configure WOL but it doesn’t say (WOL) as suffix. Here’s what i did:

    1. Long press on server name
    2. Select Configure WakeOnLan

    It states Name and IP
    I leave MAC for WOL (optional) unchanged (what is that???)

    3. Press OK

    What else can I do??

  35. flattermann says:


    You need to specify the MAC address for your WHS in this dialog.

    If you execute “ipconfig /all” on a command line on your WHS, you should be able to find the MAC (hardware) address.
    It is in the format 00:01:02:03:04:05 (i.e. 6 hexadecimal digits).


  36. Sven says:

    Hi Christian,

    hast du vor die MusicIP Funktion im Squeezecommander zu integrieren? Wenn ja, wieviel Aufwand ist das für dich?

    Das ist für mich im Moment der einzige Grund warum ich noch die Squeezebox Controller verwende. Auf meinem Toshiba Folio 100 läuft Squeezecommander übrigens super.

    Gruss Sven

  37. Ole says:


    Thank you! It’s working perfectly now, great software you make, can’t get my arms down :-)

  38. Matthias says:


    I’ve just bough Squeeze Commander and I am pretty happy with it. I am using it on a Nexus One.

    I keep running into one Bug constantly. When I start the tool or just accidently during runtime
    a dialog pops-up looking for a Wifi connection (“Verbinde mit Wifi-Netzwerk” in German)
    even though the Wifi connection is constantly present.

    The tool is not operational any more and will not recover from that until I press the back button or jump to home screen.

    Is this a known problem? And is there a workaround?
    I don’t have any other apps with problems picking up the Wifi connection.

    Thanks for all hints and tipps!

  39. Mark Allen says:

    Hi Christian,

    I have a NAS server and every Andriod app that I have used to date on my Sony X10 goes to sleep after a while, i.e. there is an extremely long pause before it “wakes up” again and can control things like volume, etc. This is a major problem if a very lound song follows a number of soft songs as you can’t lower the volume for about 20-30 seconds while the remote wakes up. The same problem exists to a lesser extend with the Duet remote but it wakes up within about 2-3 seconds.

    Is Squeezebox Commander likely to have this same problem? I am planning to run it on either the Sony X10 or on a Velocity Micro R101.


  40. Michael says:


    Are there any plans of adding song lyrics support to your great app?

    Something like this ( would be a really great bonus when listening to music…


  41. anselm says:

    Hi Flattermann,

    kann man damit auch den lokalen Squeezebox Server auf der Toch steuern (USB-Platte an der Touch)?

    Vielen Dank für deine Antwort.

  42. I can’t get SqueezeboxCommander v0.9.5.3 to work with WiMP. In order to use WiMP, I have to switch my Squeezebox Reciever to, but whenever I try to do so (by long-press on the player name while it is connected to my Synology NAS running SqueezeCenter and then select Music Source then it simply says “Your player was not found. No SqueezeBox is connected to this server! Please connect a player or choose another server”.

    Any hints?

  43. Oh – and the player *is* registered on

  44. flattermann says:


    ich arbeite dran. :-)
    Wenn alles gut geht, sollte MusicIP in der nächsten Version (0.9.6) drin sein.


  45. flattermann says:


    Please try to enable “Ignore Wifi Status / Wifi-Status ignorieren” in the Settings.

    Gruß aus Dortmund,

  46. flattermann says:


    It may be related to the combination of your Android device (X10) and your Router.
    On some devices, it takes a pretty long time to reconnect to the Wifi network… :-(

    If that’s the case, it’s a hardware issue and a (software) app cannot do much about that… :-/


  47. flattermann says:


    the next SqueezeCommander version will support lyrics (through Erland’s SongInfo SBS plugin).


  48. flattermann says:


    Ja, SqueezeCommander kann auch den SB Touch-internen Server steuern (auch TinySBS genannt).


  49. flattermann says:


    I’ve answered in the SB forum (BTW: sorry for the late reply), please let’s discuss this there (because it may be also helpful for other users):


  50. Mark Allen says:

    Hi Christian,

    Still hoping to get an answer to this…

    I have a Duo NAS server and every Andriod controller that I have used to date on my Sony Experia X10 to control my Duet goes to sleep after a while, i.e. there is an extremely long pause before it “wakes up” again and can control things like volume, etc. This is a major problem if a very lound song follows a number of soft songs as you can’t lower the volume for about 20-30 seconds while the remote wakes up. The same problem exists to a lesser extend with the Duet remote but it wakes up within about 2-3 seconds.

    Is Squeezebox Commander likely to have this same problem? I am planning to run it on either the Sony X10 or on a Velocity Micro R101.


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