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» 521.5 KiB - 10,170 hits - 1. October 2008
With this MS Excel sheet, you can calculate the length of a skillup on your own. Just enter all relevant informations (age, skill level, trainer...) and the length will be predicted. The formulas are also used in HattrickOrganizer 1.422.

» 98.7 KiB - 4,543 hits - 22. April 2009
Hattrick position weights / influence

» 24.6 KiB - 3,833 hits - 1. October 2009

» 13.2 KiB - 3,494 hits - 7. January 2009
Skill-based (not age based!) skill drops per Week, based on Goalkeepers
X-Axis: Current SkillLevel (20=divine), Y-Axis: Skill drop per Week

» 19.0 KiB - 3,340 hits - 26. October 2009

» 62.4 KiB - 3,165 hits - 26. October 2008
Using the TrainingSchedule.ods, you can calculate the future training for several players and multiple weeks (for Calc).

» 11.5 KiB - 2,704 hits - 7. January 2009
Skill based (not age based!) TSI drops per Week, based on Goalkeepers
X-Axis: Current SkillLevel (20=divine), Y-Axis: TSI drop per Week

  DTF IFK Research tool for HO
» 7.4 KiB - 2,291 hits - 7. January 2009
DTF IFK Research tool for HO


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4 Responses to “Downloads”

  1. pedro13 says:


    I’ve made a new tool, based on your formula. Thanx a lot to share it.
    This freeware should help hattrick users to test multiple training plans.

  2. flattermann says:


    That sounds very good!
    BTW: It would be great if you could also offer .deb files (for Debian/Ubuntu).


  3. Ferenc says:

    Hi there

    I’m trying to buy the Squeeze commander app for my Android 2.2 tablet with no success on any of the sites. Could you please charge me through Paypal for this and once the payment is done email me the apk file???


  4. flattermann says:


    Please try to get SqueezeCommander on SlideME:

    You need to install SAM (SlideME Android Market) from the SlideME site and you should be able to buy Apps directly on your device (from within SAM).

    Sending you the APK manually is not really an option, because you would not be able to get updates.


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