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  1. Dan says:

    Does the remote support Napser?
    Can I use it if I don’t have a squeezserver set up?

  2. flattermann says:


    Yes, SqueezeCommander supports Napster and, i.e. you can control your players without a local SBS.


  3. Geoff says:

    Love the Squeeze APP.

    I am having difficulty figuring out how to play a song in Rapsody once I find it. I can find the song and track, but when I try to play it, it just gives me more info about the song and artist. Is there a play comand?

    Thanks for your time. I will definately recommend this to friends.

    Any chance of a Harmony remote APP?

  4. flattermann says:


    Try to tap-hold the song (or the artist/album) for ~1 second.
    This should open a context menu with PLAY/ADD/INSERT.


  5. Simon says:

    Hey app sounds great, should be trying it soon. Just a note that ‘automatical’ isn’t a word. I think you mean ‘automatic’.

  6. Johan says:

    Your control looks absolutely fantastic. One problem though I can not locate it on Android market. I am completely new to android, so maybe I am doing something wrong.

  7. flattermann says:


    thanks, I’ll fix that now.


  8. flattermann says:


    Unfortunately, Google does not offer paid apps in all countries (e.g. Sweden and Denmark are not supported). :-/

    Therefore, I’ve also added SqueezeCommander to SlideME:

    SlideME should work in almost any country, as long as you have access to a credit card or to Amazon Payments.


  9. Shantipur says:

    I’m really confused… Is your app strictly for controlling my SqueezeBox or is it an Android player that enables me to stream all my library music and my SqueezeBox services to my Android phone? I’ve purchased your app–it’s beautifully programmed–but I want to use my phone as my player and not just to control my external SqueezeBox. If it is in fact a player, then I need to figure out why my audio won’t work with your app.

  10. flattermann says:


    Right now, SqueezeCommander is only a remote control, i.e. it does not include a native SqueezeBox player.
    But it’s a planned feature and will probably included in a future version.

    PS: You CAN play music from your SBS on your phone by using a 3rd party streaming app for Android and open http://your.server.ip:9000/stream.mp3. This stream appears as player on your SBS and can be controlled by SqueezeCommander.


  11. Ted says:

    Wow I love your app.
    Question ….being an android app. would it run on the Augen Gentouch 78 Android Tablet.

    Does the squeeze commander only control squeeze players and squeezeplay(jive) or can it BE a squeezeplay(jive) device?
    I guess the simple way of putting it …can it control the squeezebox or can it als BE a squueze box.


  12. flattermann says:


    SqueezeCommander should run fine on the Augen Gentouch 78.
    It may be helpful to turn the animations off in SqueezeCommander (MENU / Settings / Use Animations) to improve the performance.

    If the Tablet does not include the Android Market App, you could also use SlideME to get SqueezeCommander:

    Regarding the player feature:
    Right now, SqueezeCommander is a remote control only, but I’m working on implementing a player feature, so that SqueezeCommander connects to your SBS as a player.

    Best regards,

  13. Raimundas says:

    Its only vertical interface or is posible and horisontal orientation ?

  14. flattermann says:


    SqueezeCommander works in Portrait mode (vertical) as well as in Landscape mode (horizontal).


  15. Erik says:


    I am very happy using the Squeeze Commander on my HTC Desire. I have just bought a tablet (I-PED) and I would like to use the Squeeze Commander on this tablet. Is this possible, how?

  16. Kris says:

    Hi, will SqueezeCommander work on the squeezebox touch and on an archos 10.1 tablet android v2.2?


  17. flattermann says:


    Yes, SqueezeCommander should run on the “I-PED” and any other Android Tablet.
    The specs for this tablet are pretty low, so it may be a good idea to disable animations in SqueezeCommander (MENU / Settings / Use Animations).

    There’s probably no Android Market on this device, but you can use SlideME instead:


  18. flattermann says:


    yes and yes. :-)


  19. phill says:


    I’m struggling to get squeezecommander to pick up a stream.mp3 player on my SBS running from a NAS device.

    I can see the player in squeezecenter config but how do I configure squeezecommander to see it? It picks up my buffalo linkstation correctly as but says no device is connected. I don’t seem to be able to add the link to it (ie

    Squeezecontrol and Squeezedroid both worked fine but I dont like the interfaces.


  20. flattermann says:


    Please see the followup postings in the SqueezeCommander support thread in the SqueezeBox forum:


  21. George says:

    I am a long time user of iPeng and just swtiched to Android so I purchased SqueezeCommander to control my SBs from my Nexus One.

    One feature that I was excited to see is “Music download to SD card”. The feature does indeed download music from the server to my phone but it never shows up in my music player. I have tried the stock Android music player and WinAmp for Android to no avail.

    After much googling, this appears to be a problem across the board when adding music to the SD card. I tried some of the prescribed solutions…I used SDMount to get the phone to scan and re-mount the SD Card. Nothing has worked.

    Do you know a way to tell Android to refresh it’s music database after SqueezeCommander downloads music to the SD Card?

  22. flattermann says:


    Mounting the SD card via USB on a PC and unmounting it afterwards should force a rescan.
    And rebooting your phone should also force a rescan. :-)

    Anyway, the problem is fixed in version that I’m currently preparing for release.


  23. Steffen says:

    I have bought the software from android market, but not able to download.
    it stops all the time and I still see under downloads “gekauft” but can not download it.
    any idea ?

  24. flattermann says:


    You’ve got an email. :-)


  25. Steven says:


    Does the app work with Logitech’s Squeeze radio? I i have a SqueezeRadio, boombox and regular squeeze devices around my house. can I use the one app to control them all? Unsynchd? How?

  26. flattermann says:


    Sure, SqueezeCommander works with every SqueezeBox.
    May it be a hardware player like a SB Classic, Radio, Boom, Transporter, Touch, Receiver or a software player like SqueezePlay, SoftSqueeze or SqueezeSlave.


  27. DroidJens says:


    Would love the ability to add a couple shortcut buttons to i.e Favorites and Playlists next to the Music Library button. Wouldn’t mind the option to give up a little cover-art space for this, if need be.

    Btw, I can’t seem to find this Sleep function I read about in some patch notes. Any pointers?

    Great work btw! :)

  28. Noo says:

    Hey flatterman

    First of all, good Software! If I could wish something for a, hopefully, further release it would be:

    - Download missing covers from Amazon.
    - Track Progress bar where you can skip by touch

    Is there any chance you implement more functionality?

    Thank you for your work!


  29. flattermann says:


    You can find the sleep feature by long-pressing on the player name, see

    About the shortcuts:
    The next version (0.9.6) will have a new layout for the main menu anyway.
    Maybe I’ll add some kind of shortcuts afterwards…


  30. flattermann says:


    Downloading covers (for the music on your SBS) cannot be done by SqueezeCommander, because that must be done on the server side.
    AFAIK there is a Server plugin for that (look for FindArt or FindCover or similar).
    And the newer SBS (7.5 or 7.6) also include an experimental Cover download feature…

    The progress bar is already included in SqueezeCommander.
    Just tap on the song name on the NowPlaying screen:


  31. Frank says:

    Do you know when the of squeezecommander will be out?

  32. DroidJens says:

    Thanks for the tip on sleep function.

    Regarding the shortcuts I requested, it’s not really important. I’ve figured that if I collect all my most used radio stations in a playlist, I have them easily accessible from the “now playing” thingy anyways. It was me lacking, not your app :)

    Love your app and appreciate the work you put into it. Thanks!

  33. flattermann says:


    It should be released soon. :-)
    BTW: You can follow me on Twitter if you want to get status updates quickly.


  34. Will says:

    Hi Christian,

    Your SqueezeCommander app is a fantastic product, I’ve been using it for months and have now sold my controller!!!

    I don’t see any other way of contacting you, would you be interested in some further collaborative development for the Android platform, in a similar functional area.

    If so please drop me a line on the supplied email address.



  35. håvard says:

    Hi good folks!

    I’m about to acquire a SB Touch and android remote; however, since the latest Spotify app (beta) is now available to Touch – can squeeze commander handle/control this app as well?

  36. flattermann says:


    Yes, SqueezeCommander should work fine with the (old) Spotify Plugin and the (new) Spotify App.
    (If you find any problems, please report them in the tracker (, so that I can fix them ASAP.)


  37. Franklin says:

    Hi – I just bought Squeezecommander but cannot seem to find an answer to my question anywhere. The app controls both my Duet & Squeezebox really well but when I try to access my Rhapsody or pandora through MY Apps it gives me this message:
    “This player is already registered to another user. if it was purchased from someone, ask them to delete the player from their account etc. etc.”
    Can you tell me how to remedy this?

  38. flattermann says:


    That’s normally a problem with It may be temporary or permanent.
    There’s not much that SqueezeCommander can do in this case, because the error message comes directly from the server.

    Can you use Pandora/Rhapsody directly on the Player (without using SqueezeCommander)?


  39. Franklin says:

    Yes- They work fine on the players. Neither of the players are currently connected to They are both connected to the local server and I control Rhapsody and Pandora either the duet controller or the Squeezebox server on the computer

  40. flattermann says:


    Well, that’s strange… :-/
    It should either work on every channel (SqueezeCommander, WebUI…) or not at all…

    SqueezeCommander 0.9.6 will use a completely new communication interface (the same that’s used on the Touch/Radio), maybe that will also solve this issue.
    If you are interested in testing the beta version once it’s ready, please drop me a line at
    android ATT flattermann DOTT net

    Sorry that I cannot do more right now… :-/


  41. ianxm says:

    hello flattermann,

    SqueezeCommander is the best app ever. I have a feature request: I want to be able to set the transporter to digital inputs. it can be done through the cli so I assume it is possible.


  42. flattermann says:


    Well, that should work since 0.9.5.
    See also

    If it does not work for you, please drop me a line at
    android ATT flattermann DOTT net

    Thanks a lot!

  43. ianxm says:

    you’re right. it is there and it does work. I was looking for it under “music source” and didn’t notice it in the other menu. I’ll send you some beer. just curious.. where are you and what is your beer of choice?


  44. BurtaN says:


    es wäre wirklich klasse, wenn du Squeezecommander auch für Bada (Samsung Wave OS) veröffentlichen könntest. Die Tatsache, dass es auf der Plattform noch keinen Konkurrenten gibt, rechtfertigt vielleicht den Aufwand.

    Viele Grüße,

  45. Dominic says:

    I use the Exit option in the app to completely exit and kill the running process, but the SqueezeCommander process starts up again every time I make or receive a voice call. I have “Auto Mute Mode” deactivated, so why does it still do this?

  46. flattermann says:


    Bada ist ein komplett anderes System und würde daher eine vollständige Neuimplementierung benötigen.
    Ich bin mit Android schon ganz gut beschäftigt, so dass ich das vmtl. zeitlich nicht schaffen werde…


  47. flattermann says:


    Could you please exit SqueezeCommander, make a dummy call (so that SqueezeCommander starts up) and send me a Logfile afterwards?



  48. Dave says:

    Just purchased your app and so far it seems great…

    I do have a question though…should the “” music source load?
    I can get the music source above that on the list to work, but when I click on “” music source it says “No squeezebox is connected to this server. Please connect a player or choose another server.” I have tried everything to get this to also connect but it just wont.


  49. Henk says:

    Hello, I love your app, its very good. I still have a little wish left. Would it be possible to click on a track (now playing or in the trackist) and have a link to google search (artistname, tracktiltle, albumtitle) for some quick information? Or is there any other alternative i’ve missed?

    Thanks a lot for your app!

  50. flattermann says:


    you need to switch one of your players to MySB before you can actually use it.
    Try a long-click on a player, select “Music Source” and “” to switch a player to MySB.

    But if you have a local SBS, that’s normally not needed.
    MySB is mainly needed if you do NOT have a local SBS.


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