Donations (thanks!)

I do not expect any payment for any work on this page. I love the spirit of Open Source, that’s why I publish virtually all of my work under an Open Source license.

However, I have spent a lot of time researching and developing and if you wish to show you appreciation, you can give me a small donation via PayPal through the following link:

Again, do not feel obligated to donate, just do it if you really like my work.

If you like my work, buy me a beer. (Suggested: 3€ for a beer, or more for more beer ;-) )

3 Responses to “Donations (thanks!)”

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  2. Ferenc says:


    I donated a small amount to support your research and development. I would appreciate if you could email me the Squeeze Commander apk to the address above (same as my Paypal id).

    Much appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. flattermann says:


    Sending you the APK manually is not the best idea, because you would not be able to get future updates in this case.
    But maybe I’ve got another solution, please check your emails. :-)


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