SqueezeCommander 0.9.6 released

After a long time and a lot of hard work, SqueezeCommander 0.9.6 finally arrives on AndroidMarket and on SlideME. :-)

This version contains a lot of changes.

It has a new UI (similar to a well-known iOS app) and many new features.
You can now use Drag-And-Drop in the Playlist and the PlayerServerScreen (to sync/move players).
SqueezePlay/Jive menus do work now, i.e. most plugins will probably work.
If you enter an album, you can now select a default “playmode” (play/add/playnext) that will be used if you tap on an item.

Some new screenshots can be found at:

I’ll update the documentation to the new version in the next few days:

If you find any bugs/problems, please drop me a line at
android ATT flattermann DOTT net
or open a ticket in the tracker

Changelog of 0.9.6:
- Complete rewrite of most of the code
- Implemented SqueezePlay Menus (i.e. most plugins should work now)
- Adding Favorites does work
- Caching of Artists/Albums/Genres implemented
- Added Option to “Play other Tracks in Album”
- Random Mix
- Change the volume of all synchronized players
- Fixed Pandora Idle-Timeout-Bug
- MainMenu saves the last position
- A-Z index for Albums/Artists/Genres
- CustomBrowse support
- SongInfo support (e.g. for Lyrics)
- Auto text-size for most items
- Transcoding (e.g. FLAC to MP3) when downloading (needs SBS 7.6+)
- Expert Option to ignore Players or Servers
- Added HiRes and LowRes icons
- Swipe gesture (left-to-right) to go back within HomeMenu
- Caching of SqueezePlay menus where supported (e.g. CustomBrowse)
- Option to pre-fetch all album artwork after a DB Sync

Have fun!

If you like my work, buy me a beer. (Suggested: 3€ for a beer, or more for more beer ;-) )

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34 Responses to “SqueezeCommander 0.9.6 released”

  1. Marc says:

    It’s stunningly beautiful, handles great, keeps the important UI elements where I expect them and thanks to the menu support, it can do everything I had to keep the Logitech app for. Kudos!

  2. Felix says:

    It is great update,Very Thx !!

  3. Martin says:

    Very Nice update!
    Very nice design – and I love the prefetching of folders which makes scrolling much smoother and faster.
    I am not to fond of the alphabetic separator bars though (A,B,C…). In my opinion they “disturb” the view.
    Otherwise… Great release!

  4. CK says:

    After long period of silence since the last update I was starting to be afraid that SqueezeCommander was dead – especially when Logitech published their own, free application.
    The result however is something that was definitely worth waiting for.

  5. richard says:

    I have been looking forward to this update of the excellent SqueezeCommander however after installing it starts as does SqueezecommanderSync. After a delay the app disconnects from the server and won’t reconnect unless I Exit and re-start at which point SqueezeSync starts again and eventually the connection is lost again :-(

  6. flattermann says:


    I know, sorry. :-(
    You probably have a NAS or a relatively slow server.
    I’m working on an update ( to fix this annoying behaviour.

    Expect an update in the next few hours.


  7. BenRad says:

    I’m having the same problem as Richard. I’m looking forward to the update to take the new version for a test ride. Thanks!

  8. flattermann says:


    Perfect timing.
    You may want to take a look at the Market. ;-)


  9. Edwin says:

    I am also having the same problem – the new version is very slow and keeps connecting/reconnecting. Also there is no documentation and it is less instinctive to use than the previous version. Can you let us know where we can downgrade until a more stable version is released?

  10. Bjørn Tore Hoem says:

    Absolutely great update.

    But… How can I easily add a album to favorites?

    Maybe you can implement a small change to the Add to favorites menu so there are some choices: Add current track to favorites (trackname), Add previous track to favorites (trackname), Add current album to favorites (albumname), Add previous album to favorites (albumname).


    Bjørn Tore

  11. mzpro5 says:

    This newest version is great!! More intuitive UI. Love being able to save new playlists right from the PL screen.

    Keep up the good work

  12. richard says:

    I was just able to download the patched app from the market and now it’s working perfectly – thank you! It’s a big step forward especially with the caching which makes it so much nicer to use.

    You were correct to assume I was using a NAS device – a ReadyNAS Duo – which works fine in fact and is not particularly tardy but clearly wasn’t fast enough.

    Thank you once again for the hard work – have you been working with Jörg to develop it? – I’m noting the similarities with that iOS app you mention!

  13. Stephan says:

    thanks a lot for the update. The feature list and screenshots look very!! promising. I will try it as soon as I get home!

    I’m looking forward for the tablet version ;-)


  14. Sebastien says:

    I sent you a “beer” already and hope every one else does it. I can only imaging the number of hours, spent recoding the entire thing. I’ve installed a parallel SBS Version: 7.6.0 – r32383 (on a different box) to try the transcoding feature, but I have the same issue as described in Ticket #343. I will dig deeper…

    Keep on the good work!

  15. Peter says:

    Hi Christian. Just bought a nice new desire s – is there a way to transfer the app (without paying again) ?
    Nr Peter

  16. flattermann says:


    Have you tried


  17. flattermann says:

    Bjørn Tore,

    Try a long-click on an Album.

    If you want to add the currently played album to the favorites, do a long-click on the CoverArt or press the More (“+”) button.
    This will bring up the context menu of the current track.
    Now long-click on the Album name.

    The menu (“Add to favorites”) is created on the SBS side, therefore I cannot change that easily (if at all).


  18. flattermann says:


    The license is bound to your Android Market account.
    I.e. if you’re using the same Market account on your new phone, you can download all paid apps for free.

    If you want to transfer the license to a different account, that’s also possible:
    Just buy SqueezeCommander again (with your new account) and tell me the old and new order id by mail (android ATT flattermann DOTT net).
    I’ll then cancel your old order and you’ll get a full refund.


  19. flattermann says:


    Thanks a lot!

    Prost! :-)

  20. flattermann says:


    Good to hear that!

    Yes, I’m working with Jörg to improve both our apps.
    And I took some icons from him (e.g. player icons) for the newest release. :-)


  21. Jürgen says:

    There is one thing with the update that almost shocked me:

    The alarm clock.

    I use it all day with my SB-radio and I was so glad with the previous apps because they handled the alarm settings much better than it’s done on the radio itself. One could instantly see all alarm times and the corresponding sounds. I could quickly choose one of my favourite alarm times and everything was fine.

    With the update I can only see the last activated time and have to remember the other times or go into the menu and reset them. Even worse with the alarm sounds. No information. If I don’t remember them, I must reset them.

    I assume the reason for the change was to make it look more like the (much worse) Squeezebox alarm menu – but when it comes to usability it’s a huge step backwards!



  22. Peter says:

    Hi again, thank-you for the quick and precise answer. I got the app from the market w/o problems. And it look Nice!
    Br Peter

  23. flattermann says:


    In 0.9.5.x, I created the Alarm Menu myself.
    In 0.9.6.x, I’m using the server generated menus.

    But you are right, the old Alarm Menu was much nicer…

    Could you please file a ticket in the Tracker so that I cannot forget your request?

    I’ll then try to improve the Alarm Menus in the future.

    Gruß aus Dortmund,

  24. Franco says:

    at first I want you to know that squeezecommander is the first app I absolutely had to buy for my 2 week old android phone. I had the time to taste the old interface and the enjoy the stunning beauty of this update (anyway I second the request to make it possible to change the base color, I prefer black to blue).

    I have a couple of questions? I have a single squeezbox classic player, sometimes I use it connected to mysqueezebox.com and sometimes to a NAS. Squeezecommander shows and manages both the setup but I did not find a way to switch one to other, I have to use SB remote or web interface.
    Another question: while tapping to my NAS (hoping to connect to it) it saw it was started a huge synchronizing cache task with a countdown of thousands of items. I did not want that, I delete/reorganize folders very often. How can I stop that and delete the cache? And what do you cache this way? folder structure? covers?
    Thanks for you reply (please let me know if there is a better place to ask these questions) and for you outstanding app… no official app will ever be comparable to your ;-)

  25. Franco says:

    Meanwhile I have to “fallback” to logitech app :.-( … this sync issue completely clogs my readynas duo (a nas which completely redefines the concept of slow nas) with mysql process to 97% during this sync. I don’t understand if this sync issue is my mess with configuration or a new feature. If it’s a new feature you should consider to give the option to disable it. Old version was fast enough for me even without cache. (i’m using by the way)
    Thank you for your support!

  26. flattermann says:


    I’m caching the Albums, Artists and Genres list.
    Loading these lists is relatively slow, therefore I’m caching them once and when you click on e.g. the Artists menu item afterwards, the list should appear immediately.
    The cache is re-synced automatically when the Library changes.

    Are you using the MusicFolder menu item only?
    Or are you browsing your library through Artists/Albums/Genres/Years as well?

    To switch a player to another server, please do this:
    On the PlayerServerScreen (left to the NowPlayingScreen), tap on the Edit Button in the top-left corner.
    Now you can either drag-and-drop the player to another server, or you select one or more players and click on the “Change Source” button in the bottom-right corner.


  27. flattermann says:


    Have you tried to let the sync running once (without doing something else in SqueezeCommander).
    Because SqueezeCommander will only sync once (this may take some minutes), but afterwards it is *much* faster than the old version.


  28. Franco says:

    Thanks for your very fast reply, I will try that. I also have a sort of music “inbox” folder where I put new music to listen, than I will delete the music or move it in different folders.
    “play folder” mode is almost my only way to listen to the music. How will caching handle a behavior like this? Should I periodically rebuild the cache?


  29. flattermann says:


    oh no. I just wrote you a pretty long comment and after it was finished, my browser crashed. Damn. :-(

    Well, here we go again:

    SqueezeCommander has 3 types of caching:

    1.) Native Menu DB Caching, this covers the artists/albums/genres/newmusic lists only
    2.) Native Menu File Caching, this covers the sub-menus in artists/albums/genres/musicfolder/years
    3.) SqueezePlay Menu File Caching, this covers some special plugins, e.g. CustomBrowse

    1.) Is done automatically on the first start and after a change in the Library (this is the “SqueezeCommander Sync”)
    2.+3.) Is only done on-demand (i.e. if you open the menu page), but will be cleared as well if a change in the Library is detected.

    For your setup:
    If you move songs from the “inbox” to another folder, SBS will probably notice the change and notify SqueezeCommander.
    SqueezeCommander will then clear the cache for 2.+3. and rebuild the cache for 1. automatically.

    If you enter a music folder in SqueezeCommander, and the changes are not reflected yet, you can either do a full “Clear Cache” (in the Settings) or you just reload the current menu page (MENU / Reload).

    Best regards,

  30. Franco says:

    Thanks for your clarifications. After the first sync (6000+ items) now sometimes just resyncs a few hundreds. Apart from these resyncs the player is responsive again and folder navigation seems faster than before.

    But meanwhile I upgraded my SB server from 7.5.2 to 7.5.4 and so I have a new issue for you: now I’m unable so see covers art (I always put a 500×500 px folder.jpg file in each folder)

    No problems at all using web interface or logitech app. And a funny detail: while browsing folders via squeezecommander i see the cover thumsnails near each track but while playing I always get the gray disk default image.

    I tried to clear cache, to uninstall-reinstall squeezcommander and to manually delete .squeezecommander folder on SD.

    After reinstallaing I was requested to reenter mysqueezebox login as expected but it was not anymore requested the huge sync for thousands items, just a few one for hundreds. So I don’t understand if I was able to completely clean any squeezebox data: I assumed I had to do this in order to solve the cover issue or maybe is related to 7.5.4 version? In release notes I read that something was improved for logitech app, maybe they broke something else?

    Thanks for your help.

  31. Franco says:

    Any hint about this “covers missing” issue?

    And one suggestion for a future improvement: if in a folder there is a single FLAC file with a CUE file, if would be great to list the contained tracks and not just the two files.

  32. Franco says:

    Just found the proper trac bug entry about cover issue, sorry for writing here…

  33. Jonathan says:

    Love the new update. But previously the function worked correctly that when I would receive/make phone call the music would be reduced. I have rechecked the settings 10 times. But this feature did not work after the update on my T-Mobile G2 (HTC Desire Z). Any advice would be greatly welcomed! It’s an amazing app!

  34. Franco says:

    I’m happy to let you know that installing SB server version 7.6.1 solved the “cover missing” issue. At least for me.
    On my NAS upgrading means a complete uninstallation with db and indexes and configuration rebuilt from scratch: I suggest doing the same if just upgrading it’s not enough.

    BTW, is the developer still with us?

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