Wanted: A Google I/O 2011 Ticket

[SOLVED: I was finally able to catch a Google IO ticket. See you in SF!]

Because the registration site for Google I/O 2011 was crap I was unable to get a ticket. ;-(

Therefore, I’m searching for a Google I/O 2011 ticket (either Academia or Regular).
If you want to sell one, please contact me and I’ll buy it for a reasonable price.

android [ATT] flattermann [DOTT] net

I’d really like to go this year…

If you like my work, buy me a beer. (Suggested: 3€ for a beer, or more for more beer ;-) )

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2 Responses to “Wanted: A Google I/O 2011 Ticket”

  1. I have a single regular ticket to the Google IO 2011 Conference (including the preconference sessions), that I am unable to use as I have had to postpone my flight from Australia to the USA, and now won’t make it in time for the conference. I can’t get a refund, but am able to transfer it to another person (name/email contact).

    Contact me at: Philip Cookson philip@philology.com.au if you are interested

  2. flattermann says:


    thanks a lot, but I already got a ticket in the meantime.
    BTW: I’m sorry to hear that you cannot attend… :-/


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