Android Widget for OpenVPN Settings

Hey guys,

I’m using the OpenVPN Settings App for Android to connect to my OpenVPN (big thanks to Friedrich Schäuffelhut!).

It works great, but I was always annoyed about not having a home screen widget, because I use it pretty often.

Therefore, I’ve now added a simple 1×1 widget.
It’s not exactly pretty, but it fits my needs. :-)

If you click the widget, it just enables/disabled the OpenVPN service.

You can get the OpenVPN Settings source here (the diff file is based on hg-rev. 37f16fd900):

You can download the diff file for the widget support here:

For now, you need to recompile OpenVPN Settings on your own after applying the diff file, but I’ll also contact Friedrich, maybe he will add the widget support to his next official release.

Have fun!

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