SqueezeCommander released

A new SqueezeCommander release has just hit the Android Market and SlideME!

Version is mostly a bugfix release:

  • Added App2SD for Android 2.2+
  • Fixed TrackStat problem
  • Fixed cover art download problem
  • No confirmation dialog when downloading single files
  • Allow downloads to internal storage (“/emmc”), where applicable
  • Fixed WOL config problem/crash
  • Fixed alarm playlist selection on MySB
  • Several smaller bugfixes

You can find the full ChangeLog here:

As always, please report any problems in the Tracker:

Have fun!


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19 Responses to “SqueezeCommander released”

  1. Ben says:

    Great app, worth its money. Only thing missing for me is a better possibility to modify the “now playing” playlist: If I want to move a song up, I have to long press each time to move it one place up. So it takes much time to move a song i.e. from end to the middle of the list. So I never modify it with your app. Why not long pressing on album cover to drag a song around in the playlist? Long pressing the title could still bring up a pop up menu. That would make this great app a nearly perfect one.

  2. flattermann says:


    thanks for your comment (here and in ticket #76).

    You are right, that’s an area that needs some improvement.

    The problem is that DragAndDrop is not really very well supported by the Android framework.
    That means that I need to implement most of the stuff on my own and that takes some time.

    I’ll probably try that as soon as the next major release (0.9.6) is finished.


  3. nicolas says:

    Hi Christian,

    Your software is probably the one I use the most on my phone :)
    I just miss the ability of using it directly on the lockscreen instead of having first to unlock.
    It would be nice to control it like with the music playr, one the lockscreen.


  4. Jeff says:

    Awesome app. Can you give me the status on the ability to skip and dislike songs in Pandora? It is the only thing that is missing and would be amazingly helpful!

    Kick ass app ;)

  5. flattermann says:


    Please tap on the Song name in the NowPlayingScreen to open the Overlay.
    If you are playing a Pandora song, the shuffle/repeat buttons should be replaced by like/dislike.

    See also


  6. Nuno Sousa says:

    The SqueezeCommander works with the new Logitech Squeezebox Touch ?

    thank you,


  7. flattermann says:


    Yes, of course, SqueezeCommander does work with the SB Touch.
    No matter if the Touch is running in standalone mode (using the builtin TinySBS) or if it is connected to a real SqueezeBoxServer.


  8. nicolas says:

    Hi Christian, regarding my previous post, do you think you will propose such a functionality (lockscreen control) in the near future?

    Kind regards

  9. flattermann says:


    I’ll see what I can do.
    See also http://www.squeezecommander.com/trac/ticket/209


  10. Nicolas says:

    Hello Christian,

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S now, and /sdcard refers to internal storage, while the “real” sd card is on /external_sd

    Is it possible in the settings, to leave the possibility to define ourselves the storage path?
    Because currently I cannot save anything on my sd card, the songs go directly to the internal storage which fills up quite quickly.


    PS : another release to be expected soon?
    PS2 : best wishes for 2011 :)

  11. Roberto says:

    I submitted this request a couple of months ago. Can an option to have a black color background be made. I really want the black color background

  12. flattermann says:


    Good idea, I’ll add an option to manually choose the base path for downloads:


  13. flattermann says:


    You can disable the images in the background (in the settings), that will make the background appear in a very dark blue color.


  14. Thomas says:

    Hi Christian
    I have been using this app for almost a year now,it works even better
    than my squeezebox control I think.
    But I really miss random mix,is it possible to incooporate this?



  15. flattermann says:


    Random Mix will be available in the next SqueezeCommander version (0.9.6).


  16. Stephan says:

    Hi Christian,

    just downloaded SqueezeCommander and it’s really great! But the only feature I really miss, is to configure the “Main Menu” to access my media. I installed the Multi Library Plugin and would like to acces my different libraries with SqueezeCommander.

    Ah, and when will the Honeycomb-tablet version be ready? ;-)

    Viele Grüße


  17. flattermann says:

    Hi Stephan,

    The next version (0.9.6) will support (almost) all plugins that are also available on a SB Touch/Radio/Controller and the MainMenu will also get a big facelifting. :-)


  18. Hellsblade says:

    What a great app. I was looking for another to connect my SBR through UDAP and found Squeezeconfig but it didn’t work. Tried the app that patches my os, but that also failed with the message can create backup file. I have superuser access (i use a NAND MIUI ROM for HD2 from XDA). But after fiddling around with net-udap got my SBR to work anyway. Then tried Squeeze commander. What a great app this is. Even if you only use the download option its fully worth the money.
    Thx for Squeezecommander

  19. flattermann says:


    Yeah, it’s a shame that the UDP broadcasts (and hence SqueezeConfig) do not work on some Android devices. :-(
    But after using Net::UDAP to setup the receiver, you can at least use SqueezeCommander to control the receiver.


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