BlackVPN: A global OpenVPN service

Many websites restrict the access to their content by geo IP.
E.g. you cannot access the BBC streams outside of UK, you cannot access Netflix/Hulu/Pandora outside of USA and so on…

The solution to this problem is to use a VPN service that will give you an IP of the country of your choice.

I’ve now tried BlackVPN, a global OpenVPN service, located in the Netherlands.

It has VPN servers in 3 countries:

  • USA
  • UK
  • Netherlands

You can either buy access to one of these countries (for 5 EUR per month) or to all of them (for 10 EUR per month).

You can access the service by using OpenVPN (that’s what I’m using and recommending) or PPTP.

See for sample configurations for several platforms (Windows/Linux/MacOSX/iPhone…).

I’ve created a global account for 10 EUR and did some quick tests.

To check the speed of the OpenVPN, I’ve tried to download a Debian NetInst image (debian-506-amd64-netinst.iso). The file has a size of 132MiB.

Here are the results of my little speed test:

  • Direct download (without active VPN): 795KiB/s (2:53 minutes)
  • BlackVPN USA: 213KiB/s (14:42 minutes)
  • BlackVPN UK: 594KiB/s (3:21 minutes)
  • BlackVPN NL: 393KiB/s (7:06 minutes)

Of course, traffic through the VPN is slower than a direct connection, but I’m pretty impressed by the speed.
>200KiB/s (=1600KiBit/s) should be enough even for video streaming.

As I’m located in Germany, especially the UK/NL VPN servers are really fast.

If you like to try BlackVPN, you can use my Referral Code “BCFYSFP”.

Using this referral code, you will get 2 months VPN access as a free bonus (i.e. you pay for 1 month but get 3) and I will get one month for free.

Have fun!

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