OpenTableTrick released

Generated table example

Generated table example

You probably know the Tool TableTrick ( It formats your Excel tables into HT conference code.
Unfortunately, I do not use Excel but Calc. So, I could not use TableTrick.

Therefore, I have now programmed an OOo version (“OpenTableTrick”). It’s still a beta and I need some people who are willing to test it.

You can download it here:


It’s free, open source and GPL’ed.

If .oxt files are associated with, a double-click should be sufficent to install the extension. Otherwise open OOo, navigate to “Tools > Extension Manager” and add OpenTableTrick manually.

After installing the extension, you need to restart After that, you will see a new toolbar in Calc. Just select the cells you would like to convert into HT conference code and press the OpenTableTrick button OpenTableTrick Icon (a yellow star on green ground).

OOo Calc - HT conference

OOo Calc - HT conference

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2 Responses to “OpenTableTrick released”

  1. Hey, friend!
    It’s a very useful program, I think I’ll enjoy it.

    I would like to say to you that you live in an expensive country.
    You can buy three beers for 3€ in Hungary, so came here, and you’ll be get your beers. :)

    Many thanks!

  2. migue says:

    muy buen trabajo amigo!

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